Plagiarism/AI Policy


2023-24:  DDOA Plagiarism/AI Policy:

Students are expected to complete all their own coursework.  All written material will go through a screening site to check for plagiarism and AI.  The writing and content turned in should be 100% work of the student. If your work is not your own, the following process will be followed:

1st time:  zero on assignment and can redo for credit (alternate may be assigned)

2nd time: zero on the assignment and cannot redo for credit

3rd time:  Student will restart class from the beginning and complete tests and writing assignments in person with teacher/principal at North Powellhurst School.


Unless students are completing a research paper that explicitly states the need to cite outside sources, students should not consult the internet for any work.  This includes Grammarly, AI, etc.  If students are found to be using sources such as these, they will receive a zero on the assignment and teachers may request an in person meeting to complete an alternate assignment.  

Apex flags students who complete assessments without logging instructional minutes. Students should be aware that Googling answers to quiz and test questions without doing the Apex course work will flag the system to alert teachers. Quizzes and tests could then be reset and students may have to retake them.

*English Policy:

Students are required to have an initial meeting with their English teacher before the first test of the course is opened.  Students must pass one writing assignment (60% or higher)  to pass the course and move on to the final.