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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it too late to enroll in Online Academy?

No, it is not too late.  Space is limited in some grade levels.  After you complete the enrollment application we will be in touch about availability.  Apply for enrollment here.

Can my child transfer from the Online Academy into regular in-person instruction (or vice-versa) during the school year?

6th-12th: Students may be able to switch at a logical break (semester/quarter), subject to availability and principal approval.

Is it possible to request a hybrid option?

Students enrolled in DDOA full time can request to take any specific course in-person at their home school.  This is subject to availability. Contact us at to request an in-person course.

School Format

Will there be video virtual classroom lessons? Will there be recordings in case a student can’t make it to the live portion?

6th-12th: No. Students will work through the online curriculum independently. Teachers will be available during teacher connection time for assistance and via email.  There are no live classes with a teacher.

How will attendance be taken? Will there be an advisory component?

6th-12th: Students will receive a daily google form to fill out which will be the official way of tracking daily participation. Additionally, teachers will track students’ progress and check in with them on a regular basis.

What materials will be provided and how will the curriculum and materials be made available?

All DDOA students will be issued a DDSD chromebook as well as any necessary school supplies. We will distribute materials at our Back to School event at the beginning of the year.  If you miss that, you are able to pick up supplies from our DDOA Office – 1400 SE 135th Ave – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-2:30 pm.

What about elective classes? Are the electives on Apex the same as in person electives?

Elective courses are offered through the Apex curriculum. Please see the DDOA Apex course guide for course descriptions.. Additionally, students are welcome to request to take electives in-person at their neighborhood school (up to 2 per semester). Contact us at

Are college credit classes available (dual credit)?

AP and College courses are not currently offered in online learning. Students grade 9-12 are able to enroll in dual credit courses in person at their home school, while attending DDOA.

How will students with an IEP receive their needed supports?

An IEP case manager will support the students and families to ensure the goals and objectives are met through online learning. If the goals and objectives cannot be met online, the student will attend in person courses as needed.


Will the kids still have the opportunity to go to their physical school for events?

Yes, students are welcome to attend events at their home school.

Will students participate in a graduation ceremony? 

Students in grades 6-12 may participate in the graduation ceremony at their in-person home school.

Graduation Requirements

Are High School students able to accelerate their classes and possibly graduate early? 

Yes, students are able to graduate as soon as they complete all their requirements.

If the student graduates early, will they be exempt from sports programs at that point?

Yes. An athlete must be enrolled as a full-time student and passing at least 3 classes per quarter. 

Do high school students in the Online Academy have the same credit requirements?

Yes. DDOA students will have the same graduation requirements for their diploma as their in person school (DDHS or Fir Ridge).