Enrollment Information

General Program Information:

Enrollment Process:

  • Fill out our enrollment application using the button below.
  • Pay special attention to the staff and caregiver agreements.
  • You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of the form with a timeline to enroll in DDOA.
  • Students are enrolled on a space available basis.

This application is for expressing interest in our Online Academy. If you are not yet enrolled in a David Douglas school, please also go to the David Douglas Enrollment page to complete District Registration.

Note:  If you live outside of the David Douglas School District, you will need to obtain permission to attend DDOA. You will be responsible for transportation to our office for supply pickup and return, required in-person assessments, and optional in-person activities. Contact the school district where you live and request an inter-district transfer to David Douglas School District in order to attend DD Online Academy. Approval is likely if they do not offer an online option. Please also fill out our application below.

Questions? Call, text or email:
(503) 389-0288